mx Plugs

one of a kind Handcrafted Wooden Fishing Lures and Collectibles

Handcrafted custom plugs that fit your fishing needs and collectible gift ideas for holidays, friends, family and home.

All Plugs and Collectibles are custom-designed, handmade and painted.

Wired thru designed and epoxy sealed.

35lb Striped Bass

35lb Striped Bass

Corkscrew/Bottle Stopper


It all started when…

…I found plug at a lake with no hooks. After cutting it in half, reshaping it, putting on new hooks and putting in rattles, I had designed a plug that would catch fish.

Throughout the years, especially while working on an offshore Shark and Tuna charter boat, I learned many different ways to make lures for tuna, dolphin and countless other fish. I concentrated inshore on Striped Bass in the bays and creeks. While living on Long Island, NY, I had a great opportunity to create, test and catch fish in many different places. I broadened my scope to design lures for multiple fish species, both freshwater and saltwater fishes. After much success I sought out the adventure and created my own company and started.